The warmer weather is on it’s way and Spring is almost here! Yay! This is the perfect time to get started, if you haven’t already, on your summer body.  Spring signifies new life so why not get a few new things happening in your life in Spring … like clothes ( see how I did that ).  New workout gear more specifically.  A new workout outfit could be just the motivation you need to get going again.

And, how gorgeous are the colours and patterns coming out now.  Black tights are just so last year aren’t they? OK so I wear black tights all the time.  I do splash out and wear a bright top though!  But some of the colours and patterns of the tights out now are just so cute, I’m wondering if I can pull them off!  So I’ve been online shopping researching online where I can find some bright and colourful workout clothes.

Here a some of the places I have found that I thought we kind of reasonable …

Dharma Bums … check them out here. Not as expensive as some of the ones I found! And lots of prints and colours.  I quite like these ones .. they don’t have my size, however, I will return as I feel they need to be part of my wardrobe.

Would like these in my wardrobe

Activewear Brazil .. check them out .. really love the colours and prints. I may have accidentally ordered a pair, for research and work of course. No, these are not my legs .. yeah right, you didn’t think that anyway!

Activewear Brazil tights

Lorna Jane .. tried and true .. have always been a staple in my wardrobe, especially the tights that I wear everyday.  Not as many bright colours as I have seen, but they are bringing they seem to bring new stuff out every week! Great for colourful tanks and who doesn’t have one of those “inspirational tanks”?

Rockwear .. Again, great for colourful tank tops and if you are like me, I check out the sale stuff first and can often find a bargain.  It’s on sale so it’s OK, right, I saved money? I also love their crop tops, lots of colours and styles.

Bright Pink .. not tights or tanks but if you are getting in to the gym and lifting weights ( or any exercise really ) .. which of course you are doing because you want to look lean, toned and fit .. get over and order yourself a pair of gloves.  Check out the range here .. you can even colour co-ordinate, but don’t go too matchy matchy cos that’s a bit much! Or if you are into a bit of mystery, click on the pic and you can order 2 pairs in a lucky dip! Go now, because they are nearly all gone!

Mystery Glove Pack

I could go on all day but I must go and order myself another pair of gloves, or a bright tank …

Are you loving the bright colours for Spring or are you into the basics? What places have you found for workout gear that you are loving and getting your Spring workout on?

Vic x

PS .. no one has sponsored me or sent me anything to try, I just wanted to share with you some of the stuff I have found that I’m liking for a bit of a change! If someone would like to send me some workout gear, feel free!! 😉