Sometimes it’s just not possible to join a gym.  Some people are just not comfortable in a gym environment. I understand that.  You would like to be able to workout at home but not sure where to start.

It is possible to get a great workout, at home, with a small amount of equipment.  That’s only if you want to use equipment, because you can totally get a quality workout without using any equipment, except a towel to wipe your sweaty face!

But, if you would like to invest in some equipment to switch up your workout, herAscent Health & Fitnesse are my favourites for you to start your collection.

Mat     Use for some exercises, stretching, yoga.  Make sure it’s not too big and bulky if you are  planning to cart it around.  You don’t need to pay $50, $60 or even $70 for a mat.

Fit Ball     You can use this for some exercises also.  A fit ball will give Ascent Health & Fitnessyou a little bit of an extra challenge as you will need to be able
to stabilise your core and do the exercise at the same time.  There are several sizes so be sure to get the right size for you.  I use 65cm as I find that this is a great average size.


SkippAscent Health & Fitnessing Rope     Using a skipping rope is the perfect workout all on it’s own! And the selection of skipping ropes available at the
moment is quite crazy .. weighted, digital … You don’t need to spend $30 on this either. The only thing you need to get right is the length .. if it’s too short it will whip you in the legs all the time ( hurts!! ) and if it’s too long it will keep getting tangled.


Dumbbells     Don’t be scared of these, and no you don’t need to have the heaviest ones around but don’t be fooled into having the lighter ones because you doAscent Health & Fitnessn’t want to get “bulky”. You need a decent weight to get any sort of results.  There are adjustable sets, which can be expensive. You can also buy a set which comes with various sizes so you can make any weight you want, which is a good idea as you get stronger. Or you could just buy individual sets .. if you are doing this I recommend a minimum of 5kg. Maybe two sets, one 5kg pair and one 8kg pair.


Kettle bells     These are all the trend at the moment and yes, you arAscent Health & Fitnesse able to do all the exercises similar to those using dumbbells. My big thing with these is that you MUST ensure your technique is absolutely on point or you will injure yourself, part
icularly if you are swinging these babies.  If you still want to get one of these, ladies go for an 8kg. And make sure you have got yourself some training from a PT qualified to instruct you .. yes, we are supposed to have a qualification to instruct clients using kettle bells.  Yes, I have my qualification.

Timer     This doesn’t need to be a super flash GymBoss .. the timer on your iPhone is fine! If you are wanting to do interval type training, which I recommend and also many of the workouts that I share with you guys are interval … download an Interval Timer. They are usually around 0.99c and worth it as you can set it for the work interval and rest times that you want.

That’s really all you need to get you set up to get your workout on at home.  The equipment doesn’t need to be top of the range, just functional.  Big W and Amart have a great selection of equipment these days that are an affordable way to start out at home.

The most important thing I want to stress is that you must get guidance with your technique.  Incorrect and poor form can lead to injuries, particularly if you are planning on using kettle bells and swinging them.

If you have yourself set up at home, what is your favourite piece of equipment?

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