Do you feel that you need to do everything and be everything for everyone?

Do you sometimes feel that you just have no time to do anything for yourself? You know, in between being a mum, wife, employee, chauffeur, business owner, chef, therapist ….

Do you feel guilty if you haven’t done, organised, planned, sorted, cleaned everything?

Why? Do you feel you are being selfish? You are letting others down?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it all before, but, I’m going to say it again.

You’re not being selfish.  You’re not letting anyone else down if you prioritise yourself for a few minutes each day.

Over the years I have trained lots of women who have let their health & fitness slide, not because it isn’t a priority, but because they have put the wants and needs of their family ( and others ) above their own wants and needs, including their health & fitness.  If they do take the time away from doing things for others, they immediately feel guilty.

Eventually it becomes a habit and they feel they would be frowned upon should they even suggest doing something for themselves.  Getting out of this habit and way of thinking can be incredibly hard and it certainly takes some work to convince yourself that you are worth it.

However, I guarantee it’s worth the effort!  And YOU are absolutely worth the effort!

You should not feel guilty for taking the time to do things to look after yourself first.  Yes, yes, I know, it’s not easy.  That voice inside your head is whispering that you shouldn’t be doing that.  Try to ignore it. Looking after yourself will actually make it so much easier to look after all the other people in your life!

Wait, what?!

When you look after yourself first, you’ve had time to think about you.  You’ve had that chance to make yourself feel good.  You feel better about yourself and maybe you’ve even had a little time to relax!

Now you feel more relaxed doing all your bits and pieces for others because you have done your own thing first!  It just makes it that much easier and more enjoyable to give some of your energy to others.

If you manage to fit in your workout, you will feel fitter, stronger and healthier .. not just your body, your mind too!  And I guarantee, fitting in your workout will give you more energy!

Still not convinced? I don’t mean you have to spend an entire day at the spa ( nice thought though right? ).  You could start out with spending some time reading a book, having a quiet bath, or even a walk around the block in the fresh air.  Why not go all out and get your workout done before everyone wakes in the morning … or my favourite, head out with the girls for dinner, a movie or just a quiet cup of coffee!  The perfect time to just be you!

Remember, your little moment of self care is important so that you can keep on top of your hectic days. It doesn’t have to be a long time, a quick stop to flick through a magazine or sit in the fresh air to let your body and mind catch up.

And, most importantly, you are taking the time to do something for yourself that you enjoy!

Go on, you are worth it!

What can you include into your day to take 5 minutes out for yourself?

Vic x