Do you wish that there was a pill that you could just quickly pop each morning that would leave you feeling pumped and super motivated to exercise, eat healthy foods and well, honestly, have enough energy to get you through the day?

Hmmm, yep, so do I!!

As much as we wish it did, motivation doesn’t appear as soon as we wake up. Nor does it come knocking on our door each morning doing dances and singing happy songs. The chances are we would slam that door in it’s face!

Nope, motivation is a tough customer. We don’t feel motivated all the time and that’s totally normal. You might not feel motivated on a particular day, it might be a week, a month .. hopefully it’s not a year! It’s normal to have times when you are not motivated … I want to let you know that it’s OK, you’re OK, there’s nothing wrong with you!

So, how can you “get motivated”? This is when it becomes all about you!

Motivation is a choice. Your choice. Yeah, right .. I heard you say it. Remember what I said above … motivation doesn’t just happen. Something needs to enhance it. Encourage it if you will. That something is you … unless of course you can find someone to follow you around all day providing you endless amounts of motivation. If you find them, let me know, because I would love them to visit me some days!

Motivation is a choice. Your choice. Yes, I repeated myself. You are the only one powerful enough to create, encourage and improve your motivation. How?

This comes down to you too! It’s a personal thing. What motivates one, may not motivate another, so experiment with what works for you. You will absolutely know what works because you will feel more motivated! Duh, I know, obvious right! Here are some of the more obvious strategies that have worked for my clients and myself over the years.

Set Goals & an Action Plan

You are probably totally sick of this suggestion!  Many times we set goals only to let them go by the wayside because it all just seems to hard … and we lose motivation. It can be a frustrating cycle.

My tip here is to really ask yourself why you want xyz. Why you want to lose weight, be healthier, be stronger. Keep asking yourself why until you find the strong unlying reason … this reason is usually incredibly personal to you. You will know when you finally acknowledge your why.

Do you want to feel better about yourself, have more energy, more confidence, or do you have some health concerns you would like to address so they don’t get worse? Once you work out exactly why motivation to keep going gets a little bit easier! Create your action plan of how you will achieve your goal. These are actions that you do on the regular that will get you heading in the direction of your goal. I won’t go into creating your whole action plan here as it gets a little complex, but working out exactly what you have to do each and every day is what you need to do. Once you have created your action plan and you are underway, then next strategy will help keep you going …


Remind yourself of your goals & actions every single day, as often as needed. You may want to spend a few minutes each day writing them down. Do it. It’s a great way to set yourself up for the day and get your motivation flowing! Write down what your goal is, why you want it and how you will feel once you achieve it.

Another way some of my clients remind themselves are little notes to themselves. It might be a note on the bathroom mirror or a wallpaper picture on your phone. It might just be a word that triggers that reminder, or the password on your computer that everyday reminds you of your goals.

Maybe it’s a behaviour reminder. Little notes to yourself on the fridge ( or in the fridge ) “I make healthy & nutritious choices. I can do this!”. Put your workout clothes beside the bed with your shoes so that they are your reminder first thing in the morning to head out. You don’t need motivation, you just need the reminder to get moving because your goal is important to you!


We could all do with a little support, especially when it’s a little harder to motivate ourselves. Having someone beside you supporting, encouraging and helping you can make a big difference.

You might have a regular appointment with your PT, your dietician or even your workout partner or group that keeps you going and keeps you accountable. Not only is it someone to be accountable to but that little boost of motivation & inspiration in regular doses can certainly help stoking your fire.

In the end motivation is a choice.

Your choice. You have the power to make your choice! Yes, you do!

Vic x



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