” why are you doing that? That’ll never work “
“ what are you eating that for “
“ what are you on a diet for “
“ why are you exercising so much, it can’t be good for you “

How often do you start the week with your head in the right space? It’s hard to get it there too, but you’re strong, focused, ready to start the week and chase your goals.

Then something happens and a little voice inside your head tells you that you might be wasting your time. Maybe the words above go through your head.

Sometimes it’s not your voice in your head … sometimes, it’s other people. Friends, family …

You brush them off but it’s too late .. they have planted a little seed of doubt that maybe all the effort you are putting in won’t work .. you’ll never lose the weight you want to .. you’ll never be as fit or as strong as you want to be …

Ignore them! Whatever their reason, jealousy, concern, it’s their opinion and this shouldn’t be imposed on you.

You need to stay strong, stay focused on what YOU want. Don’t lose your focus and direct it towards them .. bring the focus back to yourself.

Back to you and your goals. Back to being stronger than the nay sayers and those putting negative thoughts in your head.

Allowing them to get inside your head is wasting your own time, your own energy that you could be putting to much better use!

Stop listening to what others have to say especially if they think they are entitled to comment on your actions .. it’s honestly none of their business!

You might not have noticed this in the past. Now that I’ve mentioned it you might start to notice it more. Be particularly aware if someone is trying to feed you negative thoughts … don’t listen, thank them kindly for their thoughts and remind yourself of what YOU want .. bring your focus back to you .. it’s all about YOU!!

And, start hanging out with people who have the same thoughts & visions as you! If you would like to join our ladies only FB community, please join us here. We share hints & tips, cerebrate each others achievements and keep each other motivated & inspired!

Most importantly remember to keep your focus on you and what you want .. stay strong! And if you need someone to remind you … find me, I’ll remind you how amazing you are!!