How often do you struggle to find your motivation? Occasionally? Weekly? All. The. Time!!

Now that the weather is cooler, it is harder to gather your motivation enough to get your workout done, isn’t it?! It is so much easier to stay in bed, to stay inside in the warm, and to eat yummy comfort foods to keep you feeling warm & cosy. 

But, I’m going to let you in on the secret to motivation & my 3 steps to find your motivation … 

The kicker .. There is no knock at the door offering a magic pill .. motivation starts with YOU. The choices & actions that YOU make. 

Before I share my 4 steps .. I’m going to share something about me … I’m not super motivated all the time. The voice in my head argues with itself about whether I really feel like doing a workout or making healthy choices. I am actually rather partial to hanging out in my cosy dressing gown. 

OK .. my 3 steps to find your motivation .. 

1 Make a choice about what you want … what you want needs to mean something to you, it needs to be important to you .. not what someone else has suggested. This is your WHY .. why is this important to you? Why is it worth making changes? 

2 Decide on the actions that you are going to keep you working towards what you want. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. Taking smaller, sustainable actions will add up and makes it easier for you to stick with your decision than if you make major changes all at once that can be overwhelming. 

3 Commit to the actions you have decided on … as I mentioned in step 2 these actions need to be sustainable. You need to be able to take action consistently, day in day out and this means you need to be committed, disciplined & stick to your routine. 

Bonus … Get support! It’s so much easier when you have someone to work with .. someone who will support you but also call you out on your excuses! Find yourself a cheerleader who will be supportive & honest. Speaking of a cheerleader .. if you like the motivation of more than one person, come over and join #TrainwithVicki … our Facebook community for fabulous women to support, encourage & motivate each other!

I know it’s easy for me to tell you the steps that you should take … and, yes it’s going to be hard to start, hard to keep going but it will absolutely be worth it.

Because once you get started …

once you start seeing the results …

the motivation will come & you will want to keep going! 

Still think you need a little extra helping hand? Come on over to Facebook & join my online community of fabulous ladies who support & motivate each other every day ==> #trainwithvicki facebook group <==    See you soon!