Are you the expert on your own body?

Do you listen to your body? Do you understand what it is trying to tell you?

Do you know when you can push harder … do you know when to back off in a training session? Or do you go hell for leather & expect your body to keep up?

When it comes to being the best version of you, listening to your body is super important …

It is so common when it comes to exercise to hear “no pain no gain” which frustrates me no end!

Or as women we feel we need to be “superwomen” complete with cape attending to the needs & wants of others all while pushing ourselves further to the bottom of the pile with a “nah, I’ll be fine” attitude all the while thinking “I just need a little break” … yep, you know I’m talking to you. 

When was the last time you asked yourself how you feel & actually listened to the answer?

No, it’s not the easiest question, especially to ask yourself. 

Some people find it easier than others to do, however it is something that you can learn.


Firstly, ask yourself how you feel. It’s that simple … it’s taking the time to listen that be a little harder because so many different things can have an affect on your body. How your body deals with each of these stressors is a whole other kettle of fish because every one is so different.

A couple of the obvious things that can have an impact on you & your body are 

Stress     physical & emotional stress can have a physiological effect on your body and absolutely impact how you are feeling. 

Sleep     this is my favourite topic at the moment! Sleep in just so important in feeling your best so if you are not getting enough sleep, it’s broken & not quality sleep well, things are just not pretty, let’s leave it there! 

Food     believe it or not this can have a big impact on how you are feeling. Different food can effect each individual in different ways so that tired, sluggish & bloated feeling you have often may have something to do with the food ( & drink ) that you are consuming.

Hormones     now this is not my forte but I guarantee you that hormones have a bigger impact on our bodies & how we are feeling than we realise.  

And to top it off, the things I mentioned above are all intertwined, can have an affect on & react to each other! 

So, what should you ask yourself? Yep, ask yourself the obvious but this time really listen to what your body is saying in response.  

Do your muscles feel tight? Those around your neck & shoulders, your back, your hips. Move them around and notice how they move, how do you feel when you move? Are you wearing your shoulders as earrings .. do you need to intentionally relax them down? 

Do you feel tired, exhausted or are you full of energy? How did you sleep last night? How did you feel when you woke up? Are you walking with a spring in your step or are you dragging your feet hoping that the coffee kicks in soon?

Too many questions?! OK, here’s a super simple way to think about it .. 

Traffic lights

Green              This one is really self explanatory. You feel good to go! You are getting decent sleep and feel that you have energy to burn. Your body feels “light” and ready for movement. It could do with a few “tweaks” but overall you are feeling good. 

Amber              Things can get a little murky here. You feel OK-ish. You might have a few niggles here & there but you feel that when you get going you’ll be OK. Most of us

operate in this Amber light range. Start asking questions and listen a little closer to what your body is saying.

Are you feeling tired but you’re not overly tired or exhausted and you know you’ll be OK once you start going. It might be you’ve had a late night or two or you’ve eaten a little off track the last day. 

Delve a little deeper into why you are feeling this way .. i

s it time for a rest day from training or an early night? You could need to do something a little different to your normal.

Be mindful here that if you push too much when you should be backing off, you could find yourself at the Red traffic light … 

Red                   Woah there! You may have pain and discomfort. If this is what your body is saying to you right now, it’s time to listen because it’s trying to tell you something! 

Do you feel like you could curl up in bed and sleep for 3 days? Your body is definitely trying to tell you something now and pushing yourself because you “have to” may not be the best option! 

What do you feel like you need right now? If you feel you need something specific, then I suggest you might need to make that a priority!

If this is how you feel on the regular, then I suggest you start to look at a couple of the factors that I mentioned above … stress, sleep, food, hormones … is there something that might need some extra attention because your body certainly needs it if this is how you are feeling! 

How are you feeling right now? Are you green, amber or red?

As I mentioned above, it’s not always easy to work out how you are feeling & listening to your body. 

Take the time to become the expert in your own body, it will be worth it! 

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