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Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Who doesn’t need a few ideas for Santa to deliver this Christmas? Or for you to buy yourself as a Christmas treat! Fitness Tracker - apparently these are THE device to have!  There’s so many options now to choose from! It appears as though the Apple watch is the one...

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Healthy Meal Prep Tips for Busy Women

We all know how it feels when life starts to get in the way of our getting fit & healthy plans. It’s frustrating & there’s usually a point in time when we just can’t be bothered making an effort anymore … taking the easiest option involves less thinking & less stress....

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Strength Training – the Basics

Strength training is one of my favourite ways of training. I love to feel strong! Resistance training is also one of the best ways to improve your health & fitness. That being said, any form of exercise that you will do consistently is the one that I recommend first &...

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Change Your Mindset & Get the Results You Want

We all know that losing weight and getting the results you want has a lot to do with what you eat, how much you move, the type of movement you do. I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s 80% what you eat & 20% exercise.  And while I do believe that this is true, it really...

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