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Hello lovely!

Do you feel frustrated when you try to do the right thing for your health & fitness only to find out later that you have paid a heap of money for something completely rubbish that really doesn’t work at all!

Are you looking for an affordable way to get on track and get the results that you want? But, you don’t always have the time to get to the gym or to face to face sessions with a PT.

AH&F Online Health & Fitness Coaching is your answer.

I understand the stresses of a busy life. A busy husband, busy kids, not to mention you somewhere down the priority list! I am positive you are doing an amazing job keeping everyone afloat … but when it comes to your health & fitness, well, you just don’t have the time, or the energy, right?

You know that you should be doing something, to move more, to make healthier choices … but it’s hard! I know that you are sick of trying random remedies, quick fixes & that “one thing” guaranteed to get results .. you just want something that actually works.

You can get the results you want

  •  Lose body fat
  • Be more lean & toned
  • Improve your energy & motivation
  • Feel more comfortable in your clothes
  • Improve your sleep & wake feeling refreshed
  • Start balancing your hormones & stop feeling blah

My goal is to help women incorporate healthy mindset, movement & nutrition into their lives by providing real, honest & practical information so that they can take control of their own health & fitness.

It’s not too late to start over or to take the next step, to learn & create lasting habits that will benefit you & your family and finally help you take control of your health & fitness. But, you need flexibility when it comes to your workout schedule because things don’t always go to plan do they.

AH&F Women’s Online Coaching is there for you where & when you want to train. As a member you will have access to workouts when YOU want to do your workout. You can download the workout notes, or print them and have them right beside you. There’s even a full 7 day workout plan to get you started! And yes, you will be able to do the workouts. The are designed for all fitness levels & abilities.

You will have access to honest and realistic information about what actually works and what doesn’t so that you can be fitter, be stronger and be confident!   Advice, guidance and support from a women’s health & fitness coach who practices what she preaches ( on most days! ).

You will have access to …



With information, recipes, workouts and resources to provide you with up to date information so you can take control of your health & fitness



Family favourites that are tried and tested on a busy family!



A full 7 Day Workout Plan to get you started and access to a library of exercises and workouts designed to burn calories and help you get fitter, stronger & more toned!

Efficient & effective workouts suitable for all fitness levels & abilities. Most workouts are 20 – 30 minutes & can be varied depending on how much time you have

Workout plans tailored to YOU and designed to get you results



Information to motivate, inspire, support and educate you ..



An private FB group where members support each other, keep each other accountable and hangout with other women whose goals are similar to yours!



Access to me as your virtual PT!  We will catch up weekly or fortnightly so that I can personally to answer your questions & keep you motivated, inspired and on track with your health & fitness goals!

Join us NOW for $47 / month and get started TODAY!

This is YOUR time to take control!

Want to step up your results even more?

Starting 6 August is our next 28 Day Restart

which includes a 4 week meal plan & recipe manual prepared by a dietitian!

This meal plan is not about cutting calories or food groups ..

it is designed to help you lose a few kilos & get back on track!

You will still have all the benefits of training with my online …

then add the 4 week meal plan & recipe manual for

 an extra one off payment of only $67 !! 

Vic x




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I feel like I have Vicki’s support .. even when things don’t go to plan!


I love my increased energy … and I feel so much more confident in myself!