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Recipe – Crunchy Slaw Salad

Coming into summer of course we start to look for delicious salads to eat. And who doesn't love a new salad recipe to try! I love salads, and I love trying new ones. I like my salads to be a little party where all the tastes are invited! I saw the prepackaged slaw at...

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Stay Healthy & Avoid Winter Weight Gain

We are a week or so into winter where I am right now and the temperature is certainly dropping! I don't like winter, cold, dark mornings and I can never seem to find enough layers to keep me warm .. think Michelin man cos that's how I feel! With winter also comes a...

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Are You Struggling with Motivation?

Do you wish that there was a pill that you could just quickly pop each morning that would leave you feeling pumped and super motivated to exercise, eat healthy foods and well, honestly, have enough energy to get you through the day? Hmmm, yep, so do I!! As much as we...

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