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Keeping Your Focus on YOU

" why are you doing that? That’ll never work “ “ what are you eating that for “ “ what are you on a diet for “ “ why are you exercising so much, it can’t be good for you “ How often do you start the week with your head in the right space? It's hard to get it there...

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March is Birthday Month!

It's my Birthday!! It's my Birthday!! March is birthday month in our house, our sons, mine & Ascent Health & Fitness is turning 5 years old! This month I have 2 offers for new clients to join our tribe! It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I started...

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How to Workout at Home ..

Hands up who ALWAYS has time to do the perfect workout? You know, the perfect time, no distractions, all the space you need ... Yeah right, that's a dreamland! There's never a perfect time, there's always a distraction and when you are working out at home, there's not...

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Recipe – Crunchy Slaw Salad

Coming into summer of course we start to look for delicious salads to eat. And who doesn't love a new salad recipe to try! I love salads, and I love trying new ones. I like my salads to be a little party where all the tastes are invited! I saw the prepackaged slaw at...

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