I have been looking forward to this day for months now.  The last week has been a mixture of excitment, counting the sleeps and what to pack to the stress and panic that I won’t have enough time to do everything on my list. ( Yes, I have a list .. of course .. actually I have more than one list but that’s not to be discussed )

It’s the annual family holiday to the coast!  Beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean booked 12 months ago.  Gorgeous weather that just begs you to go to the beach bounding into the beautiful blue waves.  Oh wait .. that’s the dream .. reality is, the weather is not so flash! Hoping for a few days of sunshine if we’re lucky!

Apart from the what to pack dilemma, I’m also wondering whether I should let all routine go over the holidays or do a mini detox to relax and start the new year fresh.  These are tough decisions … How many cocktails and canapes should I have at sunset?  I know, it sounds like a great idea and particularly inviting but I’m also thinking about all the extra work that I will have to do when I get home to work off those delicious pina coladas!

I know, it’s hard to decide but in all honesty I’m glad it’s finally holidays and the only real decision that I will have to make is what time to hit the beach in the morning with the kids! Oh, and which swimmers to wear …

Speaking of swimmers, I think I will compromise … Maybe I’ll have a cocktail or two but I’ll make sure that I go for a run in the mornings … along the beach, just to balance it all out!  Ah, now that sounds like a perfect holiday at the beach!

Most of all, whatever you are doing, remember to enjoy it!!

Soon to be fabulously relaxed …

Fit Mum x