Back from holidays .. back to reality.  It’s nice to get away, not feel the pressure of timeframes or routines. I even managed to toddle off for a run almost every day.  A run along the beach is a great change of scenery and certainly makes it easier to push yourself if you’re not feeling quite motivated enough!

Back in reality though and it’s the last week of school holidays. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad especially as I will be seeing off our youngest at school for the first time! 
Hubby and I are both back at work this week and we are being gradually eased into the new routines.  Next week it gets serious .. school runs, work, after school sport etc and trying to fit our training schedules in there somewhere.
I must say, I’m not the biggest fan of getting up early to go for a run. Especially when it’s as hot as … well let’s just say it’s really hot here even at 6am!
The only thing that gets me out of bed on those mornings when I just don’t feel like it is knowing that I will feel so much better and more organised if I make that effort to fit that training run in … No excuses!!!

Fit Mum x