Sometimes it’s not so easy to get to the gym to do your workout … other commitments can take up your time but it’s not about making excuses.  Even a 30 minute workout will be beneficial .. and one you can do at home with no equipment, BONUS!!

So, here is a home workout that you can do at home, or at the park with the kids, or while you are waiting for them at sport …

Start off with a 15 – 20 minutes of your choice of cardio.  You can go for a walk, run, bike ride or you could run intervals like I did yesterday with the Ladies Outdoor Fitness group.

We did 10 x 100m ( well, it may have been more or slightly less ) run intervals.  We started out at a little bit faster than a slow jog.  About 60% of flat out.

Gradually we built our speed up until our last 2, which were almost as fast as we could go .. by this stage my legs didn’t really want to go that fast though! And yes, we were huffy puffy at the end of it!

After a few minutes to let our heart rates come back down I got the girls to do a lucky draw as to which exercises we would be doing in our tabata session … it turned out that we were doing more leg ( and butt ) exercises and some jumping!  Yep, the heart rate will be up again!

As I said, you can do this one at home.  Get yourself a timer ( most phones will have an interval timer app that you can download for free and set at whichever intervals you need ) and set it for 30 second intervals.

Do the first 2 exercises for 30 seconds each and then have yourself a 30 second rest.  Then onto the next 2 exercises for 30 seconds each, then another 30 second rest.  Repeat until you have completed 5 rounds of the exercises!

1 .. Wide squat with side step for 30 seconds

2 .. Star jumps for 30 seconds

30 second rest

3 .. Reverse lunge with front kick for 30 seconds

4 .. Squat jump forward for 30 seconds

30 second rest

Repeat until you have completed 5 rounds.  If not 5 rounds, then start at 3 or 4 and work your way up!

The video will demonstrate each exercise, and yes my legs were killing me after I finished this!

All up the whole workout should take you around 30 minutes, depending on how much rest you have between the exercises .. and how many rounds you complete.

Let me know how you go .. and let me know if there are any types of workouts or exercises that you would like to see!

Stay Healthy, Stay Active!