Is this you?

* Don’t seem to have enough energy to get everything done …

* Your motivation just isn’t what it used to be …

* You are lacking a bit of confidence in yourself and your ability make the lifestyle changes you would like to …

* You would like to lose some weight and finally feel happy with your body …

* You know what you want to do with regards to your health & fitness but you are not sure how to fit it all in and get it done …

I can help! No, you don’t need to visit me, although I do love to get together for a visit with my clients.  I offer online training to the lovely ladies who are unable to visit me in person. This way you get nearly all the benefits that my face to face clients get! I don’t get to give you a hug, but we can pretend!


When you start training with me you will

* get access to me .. your qualified Personal Trainer & Women’s Fitness Expert who understands YOU. I totally get where you are coming from being a wife, mum, woman and all the rest!

* get my support .. you will be able to email me, message me and we will get to Skype / Face Time each week so it’s just like face to face!

* improve your health, fitness & wellness

* feel better & stronger and have more energy

* start to lose weight, and your body shape will start to change

* be able to do your workouts at home or at the gym, at a time that fits in with your schedule

* have an individual training program that is designed for you with your personal goals, abilities and fitness levels taken into consideration .. it’s all about you!

* get basic nutrition guidance ..

* have me to keep you honest and accountable because we will check in with each other on a regular basis!


This is not a one size fits all online training, and I’m not going to be offering this to the masses.  I still prefer to work personally with you to offer you the support that you want or need so you can achieve what you believe is the best and healthiest version of yourself.  Yes, it is all about you!

Each Online Training program will be 4 weeks long, because I believe that 4 weeks is enough time for you to begin to create some new habits, but not long enough that you will feel you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel!  No, you will not lose 10kg in the 4 weeks but you will start to feel great!

You can start training any time you want, so get onto the link below so that I can get in touch with you, we can have a chat and get started.

Yes please! Let’s do this!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Vic x