In basic terms, losing weight should be really easy, right? Calories in v calories out … eat less calories than you use up in energy and the weight falls off.

In reality, it’s just not quite so easy! In fact it’s down right frustrating sometimes!  No matter how hard you try, there’s always something that doesn’t quite fall into place and you are all of a sudden veering off track.

It certainly doesn’t help with the vast amounts of information invading social media about what you should be eating, shouldn’t be eating and how to lose weight in 7 days! *Note .. please don’t try the 7 day option*

Now, I know I’m far from perfect .. but I do know, from my own experience and watching and listening to my clients that there are a few common mistakes that can put a halt on progress that you are making.

Falling for the “Quick Fix”

If you are after the magic pill I would love to tell you that I have found it.  I haven’t.  There isn’t one.  Many of us are after the quick fix, the one cure that’s going to give us the body, weight loss, fitness that we so desperately want, but the quick fix is just that .. quick. Quick result that disappears just as quickly.  To get results that last a life time, then you need to make changes that last a life time.  And this takes time and effort.

Your solution … Making changes that you can sustain for that lifetime are the ones that will have the most success.  Consistency is key.

Skipping Breakfast

In an effort to cut back calories, and give yourself a little extra time in the mornings, you might think that cutting out breakfast is a great solution.  What I have found when I skip breakfast is that I’m really quite ravenous by mid morning and then I continue to feel hungry for the rest of the day, therefore I overeat or don’t make the best choice come lunch or snack times.  Eating breakfast can help to fire up your metabolism for the day, help you function at your best and make great healthy choices at meal times because you are not starving!

Your solution … I know that some people are not fond of eating in the morning ( don’t get that myself! ) but it’s still a great idea to get in something within an hour or two of waking .. even if it’s a piece of toast or tub of yoghurt.

Drinking your calories

You may think I’m committing a cardinal sin by saying this … alcohol is a big player in hindering your weight loss efforts. With one standard glass of wine approximately 100 calories, it’s easy to see where the extra calories can come from when you regularly have a glass or two each night with dinner.  With not much other nutritional benefits, cutting back on those few glasses can make a huge difference to your weight loss efforts.

There are a couple of other ways your calorie count will rocket up with your beverage choice is smoothies and super sizing your coffee.  That healthy green smoothie you grabbed for a snack could easily have had 500 calories in it!

Your solution … I could easily say drink less, but many people find this something they really enjoy and are not necessarily willing to give it up! I suggest to my clients that if they can limit their drinking to the weekends.  The other suggestion is to keep an eye on the size of the glass to make sure that it is actually one standard drink not more .. same goes with smoothies.  Try to limit them to a treat or downsize them!

Not moving enough

What can I say? We are busy.  We have jobs, families and stuff to do which leaves very little time for ourselves. With our little extra “free time” we certainly don’t always feel like doing a workout.  In an effort to balance the calories in v calories out equation we sometimes cut back on what we are eating, which can lead to a whole list of other problems least of which is being hungry all the time! One workout a week where you burn 250 calories is barely enough to burn off the 2 glasses of wine you are having on Friday night! Achieving the best weight loss results will be finding the balance between eating and exercising enough!

Your solution … Finding time each day or every second day at the least to fit in some exercise ( and time for yourself ).  It doesn’t have to be an hour long walk, it could be as simple as a quick 20 minute walk at lunch or while the kids are at their afternoon activities.  Finding something you actually enjoy and roping in a workout partner makes the exercise so much more worthwhile!

Overeating on weekends

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes my clients make .. and me too! We are super good during the week, stick to our healthy eating plans, limit alcohol and treats … then it’s the weekend.  Out for breakfast, out for dinner, grab a quick burger at kids sports or takeaway because you don’t feel like cooking on Friday night. Not to mention that bottle of wine you lazily sipped while eating that takeaway on Friday night!  In one meal you can blow your great work for the week! Yes, sticking to your healthy eating on the weekend can be tough.

Your solution … Planning. Try to opt for simple and quick home cooked meals rather than takeaway.  If you are going out, there are certainly things you can do to avoid overeating.  I did a post with a few ideas here.

These are certainly not the only things that come into play and hinder your best weight loss efforts .. there are other factors such as hormones, emotional eating and so much more.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to losing weight because everyone is so different!

Focus on introducing some new habits, ones that you can sustain long term and don’t try anything drastic!

Still not convinced that you can lose weight and feel great without torturing yourself with a diet?

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Vic x



** Please note that I am not a dietician or nutritionist, my comments are based on my own personal experience and observations.  Please seek advice from your health professional before embarking on any new diet or exercise program .. even if it is guaranteed to change your life!