Healthy eating can be frustrating right? Especially when you aren’t really sure what to choose that is a healthy option.

It doesn’t help that there are so many options either!

Being crazy busy and eating on the go just adds to the dilemma of selecting.

It doesn’t have to be hard though. Going back to basics are your best bet when choosing a healthy snack to keep you going, and to keep your waistline in check.

Here are a couple of swaps that you can do .. they are just as quick and easy, especially if you have them on hand! You know, because you were super prepared and did your grocery shop on the weekend!

Potato chips

Swap these for Rice Cakes with toppings like avocado & tomato or a cottage cheese or cream cheese.  You could also swap in some air popped corn. There are so many to choose from at the supermarket.

Large whole milk coffee with syrup

Swap to a small skinny milk cappuccino or flat white, no syrup. There’s a little less milk in this option so a few less calories. The big calorie cut will come from the skinny milk option and no syrup. Yes, it might take a while to get used to a less sweet coffee, but if you cut back gradually it makes it easier. I love my coffee too, you just need to try and love a little bit less of it!

Fruit flavoured yoghurt

Opt for unflavoured Greek or Natural Yoghurt with fresh berries. You will be cutting out a load of sugar and processed stuff by choosing a more natural option. To cut back calories a little bit more, load up on berries and have just a few tablespoons of yoghurt.

Muesli Bar

Fresh fruit and nuts will always be a better choice and they are just as portable as a muesli bar. Do up little snack packs of nuts so you can grab them quickly as you head out the door. I love an apple spread with a few teaspoons of nut butter!

Chocolate bar

Home made protein balls might still have a hit of calories, but they are packed with lots of goodness too. These Choc Protein Balls are super delicious for a quick hit! Just don’t eat too many!

What is your favourite healthy food swap?

Vic x