How are your motivation levels this week?  Are you totally pumped or are you feeling a little “meh” about getting moving? Particularly if it’s getting cold and dark where you are, like it is here!

I know that everybody is different and as such what works for one may not necessarily work for another, so here’s some super fabulous ideas that will help when you are stuck for a bit of motivation! I know you’ve probably heard some before but it’s a good reminder and maybe it’s time to put some into practice!

Don’t think about it .. just get out and do it.  I have to do this sometimes when I’m really not in the mood! Just like ripping a band aid off .. get on with it!

Set your clothes out the night before If you need to get up in the morning do everything you can to get out the door as fast as you can so you don’t know what you’re doing!

Find yourself a training partner This one is great for that “guilty feeling” of letting someone else down. Also for a little healthy competition!

How good it feels You know you feel great afterwards.  It might be hard to start and hurt during .. but that feeling of satisfaction can’t be beaten!

Make a commitment to yourself  Are you prepared to let yourself down?

Miss a workout and risk the guilty feeling. When you blow off a workout just because you can’t be bothered, think about how guilty you will feel for letting yourself down!

Stick post it notes around to remind you. A constant reminder of why you are eating well and exercising.  You know you want this! A picture of a goal outfit, bikini … A mantra is great here “I am feeling healthier & stronger every day” … 

Laminate a business card reminder. Some of my clients love the idea of a laminated “business card” in their handbag, purse, bathroom mirror as a reminder of what their goal is and why they started out.

Quotes. There are thousands of quotes out there .. find one that resonates with you and stick with this. It will probably change as your mindset changes .. totally normal!

Pictures / visuals. A picture of yourself on the fridge! Or a picture of your “goal” body or “goal” dress.

Community  Find yourself a community to become a part of.  The members have goals and struggles just like you! You can motivate and encourage each other .. and celebrate your successes!

Find yourself a PT / gym membership.  If you are going to do this you must use it .. I just don’t see the point paying for a gym membership or paying for a trainer if you are not going to take advantage of what’s on offer.  You will find that they are worth the money or more if you are really taking notes!

Goals  Find one.  Long term / short term .. find something to work towards.  Mini goals can work a treat eg .. exercise for 30 minutes every second day or 15 minutes everyday for the next 2 weeks, then set a new goal. Reward yourself when you have achieved your goal … New handbag, new clothes, new shoes …

New clothes A goal after my own heart!  Work towards that new set of gym clothes but you actually have to WORK towards them first.  Lose 5 kg and get a new set of workout gear .. or commit to training 4 days per week for a whole month .. you get the idea.

New playlist or podcast to listen to I love getting out and listening to a new podcast especially if it is going to get me moving and take my mind off what I’m doing.

Alone time  OK, admit it, there are times where you just want to be alone. Life seems so hectic sometimes!  You know, where there is no one yelling at you that they want / need something.  I’m afraid sometimes the locking the toilet door just does not cut it .. get yourself out of the house!

Burn some calories  OK so who doesn’t want to do this?

Be a Role Model  For your kids, your family etc .. walk the walk people!

Health  This really should be the number one shouldn’t it …

For Yourself   Because you love it, because you love yourself, because you want to be the best version of you! Because you want to feel great!

So there you have it … a couple of ideas to get you moving.  Go on, you have no excuses now!

I know there are dozens more ways that we all use to get ourselves motivated.  I would love to hear yours ( as I may use them myself! ) so make sure you head over to my Facebook page and let me know!

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Vic x