Hands up who ALWAYS has time to do the perfect workout? You know, the perfect time, no distractions, all the space you need …

Yeah right, that’s a dreamland! There’s never a perfect time, there’s always a distraction and when you are working out at home, there’s not always a huge amount of space!

The good news is … you don’t need to worry about any of it! Here are my tips for how to workout at home … successfully!

OK, I’m going to deal with the big rock first ..

There is never a perfect time .. there will never be a perfect time .. you will always be busy. You will always have somewhere to be, something to do that is demanding your attention ( think kids, housecleaning, work ). The only way to get your workout done … you need to MAKE THE TIME. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but making the commitment to your health, your fitness, feeling good will be more than worth it! Make that appointment with yourself.

You don’t need flash equipment .. you don’t need a gym. You don’t need a squat rack or a rowing machine to get a great workout, especially at home! Just use your body. Especially if you are starting out body weight is the perfect option for strength training after all, we carry our body weight around all day! There are absolutely ways to increase the intensity of your workout using body weight, and if you need to feel sore after your workout, then this can certainly happen!

You don’t need much space .. if you have space to put a mat on the floor, then you have space to do your workout. My yoga workout is usually done right beside the ironing board with the cats doing their own stretches on my mat.

Set up a space if you like .. I know I’ve kind of contradicted myself after my last point about not needing space to do your workout … but if you do have the space it can be motivating & inspiring if you set up your own workout space. You could have your mat and whatever equipment right there ready to go whenever, rather than searching for everything or moving everything all around the house.

Try to ignore distractions .. There will always be distractions when you are trying to work out at home. Kids, partners, the  laundry, the dishes in the sink. What you need to focus on is you and try your best to ignore the distractions around you. This time is about you and rather than putting other things first, it’s time to put yourself first!

How long should you workout for .. there is no hard and fast rule for your workout time. Start with how much time you have available. Do you only have 10 minutes today? Then squeeze in a 10 minute workout and really bust it out! Later in the week you might know that you have a little bit extra time to spare and you can fit in a more structured workout and focus on something specific. Whether your workout is 10, 15 or 20 minutes, it’s not the length of the workout that matters when you are busy .. the fact that you are committed, moving and doing something to make you feel good matters most!

What to do .. this totally depends on what your goal is for right now. If you are just moving to stay fit, healthy & to feel good then your workout should be something you enjoy doing! If you have a specific goal in mind then your workout will reflect that goal .. cardio, strength, yoga .. it can all be done at home!

This is a link to my home workouts on YouTube … Home Workouts

If you would like to add some equipment to your home workout, these are my suggestions …

What you need to workout at home …

Remember, when it comes to your workout always do what makes you feel good and is good for you!

Now, lastly, I totally get that the stars don’t always align and you feel like working out every day .. there is always a need for a little extra motivation & inspiration. If you are in need head over to join my FREE private Facebook group. It’s a safe place to hang out and chat with other like minded women … Join us now here ..