It’s my Birthday!! It’s my Birthday!!

March is birthday month in our house, our sons, mine & Ascent Health & Fitness is turning 5 years old!

This month I have 2 offers for new clients to join our tribe!

It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I started training a couple of ladies. My goal was always to help women enjoy making exercise & some form of fitness a part of their lives and to feel good doing it.

I know in the last 5 years I have helped lots of ladies feel fitter, stronger & certainly feel more confident! I still love helping ladies find some balance in their lives and create mindset, movement & nutrition habits that they can incorporate into their hectic days by providing real, honest & practical information so that they can take control of their own health & fitness.

I’ve never pushed an all or nothing approach to my training .. it’s all at your own pace, within your own fitness & ability levels with a bit of challenge thrown in … listening to my clients & them listening to their own bodies will always produce the best results!

5 one on one PT sessions for $179
perfect if you want to focus a little more for a specific goal includes .. 
Weekly weigh, measurements ( 4 – 6 weeks ) .. optional
Home programs / workouts .. optional
Guide to Getting Started
Nutrition Guidance
Access to online members website
Body IQ, Report & Lifestyle strategies
2 complimentary group sessions


5 semi private group training sessions for $97
great if you like the motivation working with a group ( max 4 ladies ) ..
Body IQ, Report & Lifestyle strategies
Guide to Getting Started
Access to online membership website

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Conditions apply.