Are you doing everything you can to get the results you want .. to be as healthy as you can be, to have the energy you want, they body you want.

Working out & eating right will certainly get you results but if you are looking to improve your overall health & fitness, to be the best you can be & feel amazing, then it’s time to take control. There are some little things but super important things that can help you get better results, faster.

This week I’m talking physical activity .. I don’t mean your weekly gym session even though that’s important!

Being more active and including more movement in your days will have a big impact on your metabolism & fat loss and help you get the health & body composition results you are working towards. Not to mention giving you extra energy in your day! Bonus!!

As I said before I’m not talking only about your “structured” type exercise & workouts. While these workouts are important some of us fall into the trap of saying to ourselves “I’ve been to the gym / PT / bootcamp .. I’ve done my workout for the week” and then sitting behind a computer at work or in the car for the rest of the week.

I totally get it, sometimes this can’t be helped. Especially if that is what our job requires.

What we do need to look at though is not just including that ONE workout as your only activity for the week. Look through your week and see where you can fit some more activity into your days. This type of movement doesn’t have to be a structured, intense training type session .. you’ve heard of it before … incidental activity.

You might not think that those tiny little minutes of activity will do anything, but every little bit of extra movement you do will absolutely help. Those little minutes add up to lots of extra minutes over the course of the day & week and will go a long way in helping you to reach your body composition & health goals.

Extra activity can be added in to your week in lots of different ways .. you can be as creative as you like!

* parking a little bit further from the shops / work .. I always do this when I can. Even if I don’t feel like walking the extra bit I keep telling myself it’s getting my steps up, every little bit helps!

* taking the stairs rather that the escalator .. yep, stairs are good! They may not always feel like it but they are good! Think strong legs, strong legs, strong legs

* do you have an activity tracker? Most of us have them these days. Whilst they may not be super accurate, they can give you an indication of just how much you are moving. Aim to increase your steps each day, or have a little friendly competition with your friend to see who can get the most steps each week!

* squat while you are brushing your teeth .. count how many you can do and try to beat it!

* go for a quick lap of the block at lunch time

* need some stress relief? Put on some music and dance around the house. You’ll definitely get your heart rate up. You may want to make sure you are alone or others may think you’ve lost it more than usual.

A challenge for you .. consider how much you move over and above what you need to during the day .. what can you do today or this week to increase it?

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