Have you felt “mummy guilt” this week? Or you feel guilty or selfish for spending a little time to yourself ( even thinking about spending time to yourself ) or putting your needs ahead of others. You don’t have to elaborate, or delve too deep, just acknowledging to yourself can be eye opening.

Firstly, I want to let you know that you are normal

Next, it’s time to stop feeling guilty. I know it’s hard to not feel guilty about putting your needs & wants ahead of others, especially the family. So, it’s easier to put everyone else’s needs & wants above your own.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough time .. and frankly, you don’t have enough energy to bother doing anything for yourself after making sure that everyone else is clean & fed & happy!

I totally understand! Yes, it’s hard to not feel guilty or selfish putting yourself first. But, making that little bit of time for you can make you feel better & make it easier to look after those that depend on you.

Imagine that you are the #bosslady of the family ( well, you are, right, so no need to imagine! ) and for you to function in a high performing way for such an important role you need to look after yourself!

Occasionally, you need a break away from the “office” for some down time. Yep, call it a “mental health” break if you want!

You are the role model that your family look to to keep everything running smoothly and every so often you need to refresh & recharge so that you can keep everything running smoothly!

Without you as the #bosslady performing at the top of your game .. things might not function quite as you like them! We all know this scenario .. when you are exhausted .. busy .. cranky things don’t seem to go quite as you had planned them. If you could just have a little break …

Take that break! Go for a walk, catch up with a friend, do the workout you have putting off .. make the time for YOU! It doesn’t need to take hours or be over the top or expensive. Even taking a break with a cup of tea & sitting quietly can be enough to slow down the speed thinking in your head.

You are just as important, if not more so. If you can’t look after yourself then how do you expect to look after others? It doesn’t mean you are selfish, nor does it mean that you are ignoring others .. just give yourself a little time to focus on YOU!

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