You know you need to focus a little more on your health, right? 

You know that feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus as soon as you open your eyes in the morning isn’t the way healthy feels. 

But, seriously, it’s confusing, frustrating, overwhelming & stressful. 

If only there was a pill you could take and it would all be done …. 

Reality … there is no pill … it’s not always easy … but there are some super easy things that you can do to get healthier. To take control of your own health.

You can do them .. and they are not expensive! 


Stop Over Complicating It

There is no magic pill to get healthier quickly & easily. The latest super cool diet trick or food will not solve all your problems. Really, it won’t. Stop confusing yourself with counting calories, cutting out foods or food groups … or worse, depriving yourself and making yourself feel miserable and hungry! 

There is no crazy, intense exercise routine or program that you must follow that will miraculously melt fat and give you that lean, ripped look that the “Instamodels”  have. 

Stop overcomplicating it. Yes, some days will be harder than others but it’s really not complicated. 


Create Some Healthy Daily Habits

You actually already know what you need to do .. it’s a matter of doing it! There’s only 4 things that you need to think about each day … 

1  Move regularly. Yes, moving more is actually really good for your health and your body! It gives you energy. So, though you might not feel like going for a walk or doing a workout, once you get started you will be motivated to keep going .. and when you finish you will wonder where your energy came from! Aim for 3 – 4 times each week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

2  Drink more water. You know the drill. Ideally our body should be around 60% water but rarely are we around this number. Even the slightest drop will lead to dehydration which will zap our energy fast! Our body will start to slow down and we will start to feel tired, unable to concentrate & not do all the things you want it to do! Aim for 1.8 – 2l each day and even though you will need to go to the bathroom more often, you will feel so much better!

3  Get some decent sleep. Oh, where to begin! Sleep is probably the most underrated habit there is when it comes to getting your health on track quickly. Many women don’t get the recommended 7 – 9 hours per night that is required to let our bodies repair & restore itself. It only takes a night or two of less than ideal sleep and you feel like crap, your hormones go out of whack and you want to eat everything in sight to keep you awake. Sound familiar? 

4  Eat 80% : 20%. The majority of your diet ( I really don’t like that word! ) should be made up of fresh fruits & veg, lean protein, complex carbs & some good fats. These are the foods that will nourish your body & give you energy to be at your optimum. It shouldn’t be expensive to make healthy choices, nor is it time consuming unless you make it that way. Most of your week should be healthy, balanced meals and it is more than OK to have some treats or treat meals along the way .. as long as it’s not every day!

Ascent Health & Fitness

Be Consistent 

Consistent means every day, every week. It’s unrealistic to expect results when you only stick with your healthy habits on 3 days a week ( as much as I wish it could happen! ). I’m not suggesting you must be perfect every single day, but every day you must make some efforts to maintain the healthy habits that will get you the results you want. Consistent action will get you the results you want. 


One Step at a Time

Too much too soon equals stress, overwhelm & frustration. Exactly what we are trying to avoid! Taking baby steps and making one change at a time will help ease you into the changes & the new habits. You will find it easier to maintain them in the long term rather than making drastic changes all at once! Think of the fear you feel when presented with a new exercise program that requires you to be at the gym for an hour 6 days each week! Seriously, who has got time for that! Actually putting that into practice is scary and the quickest way to ditch your new healthy routine!

Ascent Health & Fitness

Find one thing that you are confident that you can change and stick with .. once you have mastered that, add another on top, layering your new habits until you don’t need to think about them! 


They really are easy ways to take control of your own health aren’t they?!  And you already knew them, didn’t you! 

Now, just to put some of them into practice! #trainwithvicki

What habit are you confident you could create and get started?