Who doesn’t need a few ideas for Santa to deliver this Christmas? Or for you to buy yourself as a Christmas treat!

Fitness Tracker – apparently these are THE device to have! 

There’s so many options now to choose from! It appears as though the Apple watch is the one to have at the moment. Track your movement, sleep, workouts.


Shakti Mat

Apparently it’s the ants pants when it comes to relaxation! I’ve yet to try one and I’d be a little nervous too with all the nails digging in to my back! But there are people who absolutely love them .. when they get used to the pain! You can buy these ones online. www.shaktimats.com.au

Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless headphones are so good! I’ve had mine for 12 months and love them. Great for a running or workout so that hands and arms are free of headphone cords. 

I have the Bose sport ones and use them all the time on my walks, runs & gym workouts .. and when I’m in the kitchen listening to a podcast. There are some less expensive options too, and different ways they sit in your ear. It’s all personal preference, so knowing what you want & doing research is key here.

Goodness Me Box 

Try a range of health products & foods each month. Delivered directly to your door. I have been getting my Goodness Me Boxes sent each month for most of this year and there have been some great new products that I haven’t tried before .. and  some that I have added to my regular grocery list. Order your box here … www.goodnessmebox.com 

Active Wear – OK, so this is a given.

There’s so many places to choose from and so many cute clothes it’s hard to actually decide what to get!

Movement Mecca is a local business I have purchased from who have a range of lots of different brands all in the one place and great service!

Rockwear are my go to for crop tops. I love the front zipper ones!  

Bath soak

If you like this sort of thing ( I don’t do baths ) a little self care sitting quietly in a bath can be a lovely way to relax and soak your tired muscles & body. 


Body scrubs

So, these are my thing. As I said above, I don’t do baths so I love a delicious smelling body scrub or wash. A nice shower with a lovely scrub or wash can be just like soaking away the day in a bath. 

Gift Vouchers 

Usually something that you don’t buy for yourself. Vouchers for 

* a massage from your favourite massage place

* a float session .. there’s a few in Brisbane now to choose from .. City Cave is one located in Paddington

* a stretch session .. yep it’s a thing! Stretch Studio at Paddington will stretch you and you don’t have to do a thing!

* yoga sessions at your local studio. I can recommend Yoga Everyday at Stafford.

* Personal Training with me of course! A great way to focus on a specific goal or even just get a little more direction so you know you are doing the best thing for you! Email me if you are interested in a gift voucher to get you started for 2019.

These are just a few ideas if you are looking for something to help you take control of your health & fitness in 2019.

Let me know if you have some other great ideas